Add On Bidet For Best Hygiene

Add on bidet, also known as simple-bidet or bidet attachment, is a special device installed to WC bowl. This attachment performs bidet functions.

Add on bidet sprayer provides a water douche; you can adjust the temperature and pressure of water. Some bidet attachments also have drying function and provide the stream of air.

Standard bidets are quite bulky and expensive; they have to be installed by the sanitary technician. They require complex maintenance with the use of a special cleaning substance. Add on bidet to toilet helps to save space and costs. You can set it up single-handed, using the installation manual provided by the manufacturer.

There are several different modifications of the bidet attachment. Add on bidet toilet seat looks almost like the standard seat; it has in-built sprayer and control panel. A hand-held bidet is a small stainless steel hose; you can fix it to the existing toilet seat. Toiled-mounted bidet looks like a small flat panel with the sprayer and operation buttons. Thanks to many variants available, you can choose the best add on bidet for your toilet.

8 Photos of the Add On Bidet For Best Hygiene

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