Contemporary Kohler Commodes

Insted of calling a toilet unit with a tank “toilet” Americans often call them Kohler commodes. The reason of such a name is simple – Kohler mainly deals with flush toilets, and exactly this company manufactures the one-piece models of toilets which resemble commodes. Also a bathroom is often called a toilet. Kohler bathroom commodes are the most sturdy constructions on the market. Most of them are floor mounted, but there are Kohler wall hung commodes which are mounted directly to the bathroom wall.

Such a construction looks more contemporary and it saves more space in the room it is installed. Although these units are very sturdy and serve for their owners for a long time, all things (and commodes is not any exclusion) sometimes need a repair. In case something is broken in your toilet check at the official company site which Kohler commodes parts you need.

To buy them you can make an order directly from your home. Home Depot online site has the choice of these parts and new units which is times more than in the local Home Depot stores. Some commodes are very expensive, but they serve the owner for a long time. In case you order something for your toilet online, do not forget you can find there the matching Kohler commode seat for your model.

15 Photos of the Contemporary Kohler Commodes

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