How To Choose A New Toilet In The Bathroom

Toilets are among the most used fixtures in the bath room, and a well-made one can possibly endure for a lot of years. As they are an important part of any bathroom, taking your time in selecting the correct one is key. There are many choices when it comes to picking out a toilet – there are lots of suppliers, sizes, styles, heights, colors, as well as efficiency toilets for any conservative-minded.

If you intend to purchase a new toilet, here are a couple of tips to think about while you shop:


Aside from functionality, color is among the most important aspect of your brand new toilet. If you have a particular scheme on your bathroom, certainly you would like your toilet to fit. Standard white is the most widely used because it matches with any kind of color or theme. Even so, if white is simply a tad too boring for your tastes, picking a commode in a different color can really boost the room.


Toilets come in various designs. Depending on the amount of space available for you and the specific theme of the bathroom, you may want to steer clear of the traditional two-piece toilet. Two-piece toilets (consists of a bowl and tank) are often the least expensive and replacement parts are normally easy to find.

One-piece toilets incorporate the bowl and the tank into one full unit. Such toilets are often more attractive as compared to its two-piece counterparts and they are simpler to maintain since there are no small crevices to clean between the tank and the bowl. Even so, plan to invest a little more for the toilet of this design.

Wall-mounted toilets give the most versatility of all the toilet designs. They do not include stand base or bulky tank hence use up less space. Wall-mount toilets work effectively inside small bathrooms, and those that use wheelchairs or walkers find them easier to use. For this particular design toilet, you must have a strong wall in order to mount it to, as well as a drain in the wall instead of the floor.

Bowl Height and Shapes

Toilet bowls are usually in elongated (oval) and round shapes. Elongated toilet seat designs might be nicer looking and offer an even more comfortable seat, but they also occupy just a little more space as compared to round bowls. When you’re limited in space inside your bathroom, you might like to choose a circular bowl design.

Toilets have standard heights of about 15 to 14 inches. Individuals who find it difficult to get down this low may choose to go with the ADA-sanctioned toilet, that has a height of around 16.5 inches. Those toilets easily accommodate wheelchairs, as well.


In this point in time when it’s important to think about the environment; toilets are made to be much more efficient in regards to water usage. Low-flow toilets are designed to utilize less water when flushing than traditional toilets, and may even use less electrical energy. A number of low-flow toilets even offer the user an option about how much flushing water to use depending on whether the waste is solid or liquid.

Seek advice from an expert remodeler or your water district authority when you buy a brand new efficient toilet as you could be eligible to a rebate from the community for installing an eco-friendly commode.

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