How To Correctly Use A Bidet

Bidet use in most European countries is a common practice, but here in the United State, we are slowly catching up to them one bathroom at a time. Some people wonder why bidets are so popular in other countries, and that is a really good question. Do they know something that we don’t? Their anatomy is the same as ours right? Are we missing out on something that can be truly life changing? This page hopefully enlightens you and teaches you how to use a bidet toilet seat.

Bidets here in the US have started to gain popularity and you see and hear about them a lot more than you used to. They are shown and talked about on the popular home remodeling and designing shows. Yet for a lot of Americans, how to use a bidet is still a gray area. When they hear the word bidet, they automatically think of a separate toilet looking device mounted next to the toilet, and only the wealthiest families can afford them. Those kind of bidets are still being sold, but what they don’t come with is all the newest bells and whistles that a bidet toilet seat offers.

When you replace your plain toilet seat with a electric bidet toilet seat, you are upgrading that toilet substantially. You first notice the nicely warmed seat, especially if it is in the winter or the room is colder than you like. The warmth of the seat is very relaxing all by itself, and when the muscles can relax, it is easier to do your business. If your bidet seat has a built in deodorizer, you will hear the quiet fan from it turn on as soon as your skin makes contact with the seat.

Once you are done with your business, you have to choose a function. For a woman, you can choose the frontal wash, or the rear wash. At that time, the spray wand will clean itself, then extend out underneath of you a couple inches away from your skin and start to spray. On most electric units, you set the water temperature that you are comfortable with. Some bidets even go a step further and have the options of an pulsating massage, oscillating spray wand, or a spray that starts off slow them ramps up to a higher pressure. The spray wand position can even be adjusted so it cleans you in just the right spot. Some units have an enema function that has a unique spray nozzle that gets the clean water into places you normally don’t have water. This is a very useful feature if you are suffering from constipation.

Once you are done with the spray wand, it will retract itself back in and clean itself off. At this point you still have wet, but very clean behind. You have two options to choose from at this point. You can press the dryer button which will give you a blast of warm air to dry things off, or you can grab a couple of sheets of toilet paper to pat the area dry. The paper is the quickest option, and you are still using a lot less toilet paper.

This concludes our “How to use a bidet” instruction. One thing bidet owners all agree upon, is that they do get spoiled by these, and hate it when they have to use a facilities the old fashioned way. Good thing we sell portable bidet units.

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