How To Install A Bidet Toilet Seat

This page will teach you how to install a bidet toilet seat. Most installations are fairly simple and can be done in 20 to 30 minutes. Here are the instructions step by step.

  1. 1. First step is to remove the old seat by removing the nuts underneath. Some seats have a plastic cover you have to pop up with a flat screw driver to gain access to the top of the bolts. Once you have it removed, now is a good time to clean the mounting location since body fluids and dirt tend to get under the old mounting brackets. These how to install a bidet steps will be easier over a clean foundation.


  1. 2. Next, you need to turn off the water supply valve feeding the toilet. Go ahead and flush down the remaining water in the tank. Hopefully your valve is doing it’s job of shutting off the water. Sometimes an older valve will have issues with that. If so, you will need to shut the main water supply off to your house, and perhaps replace the faulty valve. Using a wrench, remove the water line from the valve. It’s always good practice to grab and hold the valve with another wrench or pliers while you loosen the nut attached to the water hose. This helps to prevent any damage to the valve or plumbing connected to it. There will be some water that will leak out of the hose, so have a towel or bowl ready.


  1. 3. Next step is to install the T connection. If your valve is 3/8″, then you will need to install the supplied conversion nut. If it a 1/2″ valve, simply screw on the standard T-valve. The Bidet comes with a short hose, and a longer hose. The short hose connects to the top of the T-valve and the other end connects to your toilet tank to fill it. You may be able to reuse the existing water supply line going to the tank if it is in good shape. The longer hose connects to the bidet unit.


  1.  4. Next step is to install the seat. Find the wide catch plate and place it over the mounting holes where the old seat was attached. Then place the mounting guides into the catch plate with the concave side up. Insert the mounting bolts into the mounting guides, and secure it all with the supplied nuts under the back of the bowl. Line the seat up in front of the catch plate and slide it onto the plate towards the tank until it snaps into position. If it needs adjusting, you can remove the seat by pressing the button on the right side, and pull the unit back towards you.


  1. 5. Once you have the seat positioned correctly, it is time to connect the water line to it. Make sure you don’t plug the electric power in before the water is supplied to it. If you bought the optional charcoal or iodine filter, (which we recommend), you would screw it onto the bidet seat first then attach the hose to the other end of the filter. Make sure all connections are hand tight, but don’t over tighten them tools which could crack the plastic components. Go ahead and turn the water back on and let the toilet tank fill back up. Check for leaks around the connections. If you see leaks, try tightening the connections to see if it stops.


  1. 6. The last step is the easiest one. Simply plug the unit into any GFCI protected outlet, and enjoy!

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