Infrared Sauna Kits – Construct Your Own Sauna For At-home Use

Only a few years ago people had to visit special public places to take a sauna; luckily, today infrared sauna kits are available for at-home use.

So what is an infrared sauna? It is the sauna equipped with ceramic or carbon heaters, that emit infrared waves of different length. The waves warm sauna cabin through. There are different types of saunas: indoor or outdoor, 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-seat, made of spruce, cedar or hemlock.

What is infrared sauna kit? It is the set of things, required to construct sauna. The kit includes sauna cabin, infrared carbon or ceramic heater, lighting fixtures, fans, control power box, accessories (benches, chromotherapy set, towel holders, remote control, ionizers, audio entertainment kit, etc).

Infrared sauna becomes more and more popular thanks to its unique features, that sets it apart from the standard steam bath. There are plenty of advantages, offered by infrared sauna: weight loss, deep skin cleansing, organism detoxification and overall physical and mental state improvement. All infrared sauna benefits are given thanks to infrared waves. They penetrate deep into a human body, make people sweat intensively and cause strong therapeutic effect.

15 Photos of the Infrared Sauna Kits – Construct Your Own Sauna For At-home Use

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