Kohler Corner Toilet For A Mini Bathroom

For any homeowner who has a small bathroom a Kohler corner toilet will become the unit which literally save the situation. There are no homes which are uncomfortable – there are designs of interiors which do not fit into these homes. As the Kohler corner toilet reviews affirm, the construction of the unit lets them saving enough place in the small bathroom and use this saved area for installing a Kohler pedestal sink.

The special Kohler corner toilet tank triangle construction also looks must more attractive than a traditional rectangular or cubic design. installed in the corner of your bathroom, this toilet can be used even in the tiny areas fiitting the toilet and tank only.

In these cases it is recommended to install corner shelves over the unit and mount there a corner cabinet to store there linen, packs of toilet paper rolls and cleaning stuff. The Kohler corner toilet does not differ much from the “traditional” toilets by this famous company, and in some cases is even lower.

Maximizing your bathroom space with choosing a toilet corner construction, pay attention at the bathroom walls. Shelving and wall cabinets mounted there will be the best variant for a room with a limited space as well.

19 Photos of the Kohler Corner Toilet For A Mini Bathroom

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