Kohler Touch Faucet – The Real War Against Bacteria

The constructon of any Kohler touch faucet foresees starting the water flow the same moment you reach the faucet with your hand. You should not use any handles to open and close the water. These constructions have become the most often chosen models for public places. Really, during a day hundreds (and in some places such as fast food restaurants thousands) people use the toilet.

They touch the faucet with hands leaving billions of bacteria and germs on the handles and taps. Thus commercial Kohler touch faucets are chosen today to reduce any risk of getting extra “bad stuff” in a public toilet. The touchless hands-free construction lets you washing your hands without touching the faucet handles.

These faucets, as Kohler touch faucet reviews show are often bought for the families where many people use one and the same bathroom. Touchless faucets may be installed in guest lavatories as well. As a rule Sensate touchless faucet works with no problems for a very long time – longer than the company’s warranty terms. In case something is going wrong with the unit check first the sensor eye. The Kohler touchless faucet troubleshooting may be done by professionals. If the problem appears during the warranty period, the unit repair or even replacement will be free.

11 Photos of the Kohler Touch Faucet – The Real War Against Bacteria

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