Stylish Kohler Pedestal Sinks In Your Home

Standing on a sturdy “leg”, Kohler pedestal sinks have become the icon of elegant bathroom style which has been brought to our life by Kohler company. These models of sinks are installed in these places of your home – bathroom, kitchen or even the entry hall (in rural homes) where the vanity installation is not foreseen.

The pedestal of Kohler sinks has got several functions. First, it is sure a support of a unit, secondly, it hides pipes of sink faucets and more. Standing alone, the sink on a tall leg and pedestal, saves place in the room is is installed. Despite the concern the pedestal construction is not so stable and durable as the sink with a vanity variant, these models proved that they are very sturdy.

The variety of Kohler pedestal sinks in Home Depot is the best chance for American homeowners to make their choice fast and easy. Just visit the nearest Home Depot or the site of the store and pick you model – Devonshire, Veer, Cimarron, Archer Bancroft, Wellworth or the other which will seem to you the best offer.

There is also a good thing to shop in this home improvement store – prices for the high quality products there are lower than in the other places, and the warranty is always provided. Such a sink model will cost you $200-400. In case you have a problem with installation the store will send to you a skilled specialist to do this job.

25 Photos of the Stylish Kohler Pedestal Sinks In Your Home

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