The Ways To Use Shower Stall Liner

The shower stalls installation starts with the mounting of the base, and here besides tools you will need a shower stall liner. Before you begin the installation process you should prepare the place where you plan to see you future shower. Special attention should be paid to leveling the floor.

When installing the base for shower and when working at plumbing a shower you should use a special shower liner. It will provide the better isolation of your installed pan and make the floor surface much more even. There are different shower stall liner dimensions – check for the exact ones in such stores as Bed Bath and Beyond, Menards and Home Depot. Use extra long shower stall liner which you can buy at any home improvement store or find in your garage.

Such a liner can be needed also when you use a temporary shower stall. Roll this transparent plastic liner to form a “closed capsule”. This shower stall liner system may be used to take a shower when you do not have yet this construction at home. The liner will not let the water coming out of the “capsule” it formes, and you will take a shower in this DIY temporary “shower stall”. The same unit may be used at your backyard and when camping. For a camping shower use non-transparent liner. It will provide your privacy when you will wash your body there.

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