Toilets With Bidet: Design Features

To satisfy needs of personal hygiene there is a special kind of plumbing – toilets with bidet, which are accessible foe everyone and can be installed or added to the toilet and/or bathroom.

Toilets with bidets are multipurpose toilets equipped with water spray or pull-out fitting with the same spray.
Toilet with bidet built in the pan is one of the ways to save space and installation work. There is such an engineering decision as a toilet water spray built into the lid of the toilet. In this case nozzles are mounted on the toilet seat and connected to the sink faucet or to a tee installed on the water supply cistern.

Toilet with water spray is especially good because it has small dimensions, is placed in many ways, for example, on the wall or on the toilet bowl, and does not overload the spatial volume of the toilets or bathroom. For small bathrooms such water spray is generally the only acceptable option.

Comfortable water temperature is set by a special regulator, which is supported by an electric heating element. When you need to use the bidet, you have to press a special button, and a toilet bidet spray delivers a trickle of water. In general, it is simple to operate this device, much more difficult is to manage the toilet bidet, equipped with additional features.

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