TOTO Bidet Seat – Innovative Technologies For Your Rest Room

TOTO bidet seat is considered the most popular among toilet seats by various manufacturers. The company also represented the additional production line TOTO Washlet toilet with the first item represented about 30 years ago.

After that time, the company has been applying maximum efforts to develop and enhance to the initial line of TOTO bidet toilet products.
Before purchasing study numerous TOTO bidet seat reviews, where you can see how versatile the product line is. Along with the original models, there are many models including in-built technologies like remote control or heated toilet seat.

The company foresaw the perfect TOTO Washlet toilet compatibility with the current fixtures you already have installed in rest bathroom.
TOTO bidet toilet combination allows you creating in your bathroom a real oasis of hygiene, for example by installing this enclosure and additionally equipping it with the remote control fixed to the closest wall that will control the washing features of the enclosure.

Another advantage is that you can set up the features right according to your personal wishes, for example you can control the water temperature, the stream pressure or even the position of the handle. This innovative product is design on the basis of energy efficient technology while in standby state.

15 Photos of the TOTO Bidet Seat – Innovative Technologies For Your Rest Room

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