Urinal For Home As A Convenient Bathroom Innovation

Urinal for home today is not rareness because this plumbing is compact and easy to use. Usage of the urinals is easy and practical from both medical and hygienic point of view. Modern urinals please in design and variety of styles.

Urinals for home can be wall or floor mounting. Depending on the system of flushing urinal for home toilet can be hand-wash (with a tap, button or lever), semi-automatic and automatic flush (with IR sensor).

Basically urinals are made of sanitary porcelain and earthenware, as well as metal and plastic, but that is mostly the author model order.
Waterless urinal for home is the perfect solution when there is no central water supply. It?s characterized by the absence of water-supply and drainage lines. A replaceable cartridge subjected to biodegradation is placed at the base of the urinal. During its tenure, each cartridge can save up to eight thousand gallons of water. Replacing the cartridge and cleaning the urinal is carried out in a matter of seconds.

The most common urinals for home bathrooms are controlled by the faucet, button, lever or an automatic flushing system. Modern urinals for home contain a motion sensor that can be placed both inside and outside. Electronic urinals are most efficient and hygienic of all commercially available ones.

10 Photos of the Urinal For Home As A Convenient Bathroom Innovation

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