What Are Traditional Sauna Kits?

Modern technologies let to organize a real sauna at home, and traditional sauna kits which include walls and panels for ceiling, benches and a heater can turn one of your rooms into a sauna paradise. As these indoor and prefab outdoor sauna kits can be assembled fast and disassembled quickly, your home sauna, once installed, must not stay on the same place forever. If you move to another place, you can take your prefab sauna kit with yourself and assemble a nice sauna in a new place.

As a rule, floor panels are not included into these kits, thus you should take care about the “right” sauna floor installation beforehand. The best materials to install the floor in a room with traditional sauna heater are bricks, cement slab and pavers. The benches and the walls of home sauna are always made of natural hardwood, which withstands very high temperatures.

Cedar sauna kits are very popular today. Some famous USA sauna manufactures such as Cedarbrook regularly organize cedar sauna kits sale. A happy buyer can get an amazing high quality freestanding sauna kit with a good heater and accessories with a 11-13% discount. The kit features the walls, the door (and windows as option), benches, heater and accessories. Depending on the kit, you can get additionally a thermometer, a wall light, a headrest, two slider vents and two vent grills.

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